We Treat Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails are common and for different reasons can become infected causing pain and swelling. If there is no improvement with conservative treatment, nail surgery is necessary.

At SoHi Podiatry Clinic we provide conservative management initially, by removing the portion of painful nail that is ‘digging-in’. This is done in the clinic, relatively painlessly, in a ‘Podiatry – General Footcare’ visit. Often relief is immediate and with the right advice can sometimes be resolved permanently.

For ingrown toenails which are chronic, infected or due to nail shape they may require regular visits to maintain nail shape. We also offer a permanent solution of nail-surgery, which can be discussed with your podiatrist upon your consultation.

Timely treatment is particularly important in those who have diabetes; have poor blood flow; are undergoing chemotherapy; or are at increased risk of poor healing and infection. 

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