Orthotics & Feet

Orthotics are custom-designed insoles created to improve, support or correct foot posture. Injuries and foot discomfort can occur as a consequence of abnormal foot and lower limb mechanics, impacting on the feet, legs, pelvis and spine.

Orthotics can relieve pain and prevent further disability and discomfort. Most patients require a custom-made device however, we also offer off-the shelf, prefabricated insoles where appropriate. We also provide footwear prescription and referral for custom-made, medical grade footwear.

Custom-made orthoses are specifically designed to suit your particular complaint, foot type, weight and activity. They offer greater control compared to other types of insoles, in addition to being more durable.

Biomechanical correction is achieved by using materials such as high density plastics and acetates. Following an initial biomechanical assessment and plaster cast session, a custom-made device is fitted.

At SoHi Podiatry, the turnaround time for functional foot orthotics is typically two weeks. You can rest easy knowing we will only recommend orthotics when absolutely necessary. 

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