Signature Podi-Pedi

A ‘Podi Pedi’ is a medical grade pedicure. This means that your pedicure is carried out in a safe and sterile, medical environment, by trained and qualified professional Podiatrists and Beauty Therapists. It’s a way of ensuring that your feet are in safe hands.

Our Podiatrists are qualified to answer any questions you have about your feet and to treat all complications that commonly arise from nail salons; such as fungal infections, bacterial infections, ingrown toenails and warts.

As Podiatrists we deal with all things feet. At SoHi Podiatry we adhere to strict hygiene protocols, maintaining strict standards of infection control. All of our instruments are single-use and are sterilised using an autoclave to ensure complete destruction of any disease-carrying microorganisms. We have all the right tools and equipment to safely manage whatever comes our way!

During your ‘Signature Podi Pedi’ our Beauty Therapist will prepare you for your treatment by exfoliating your feet and legs with a revitalising scrub.

Your Podiatrist will then assess your feet and discuss any concerns you may have regarding your feet, skin and nails. For example, if we identify a fungal infection in your toenails or your skin we will discuss treatment options with you. A general podiatric treatment is performed; nails are smoothed, shaped and filed and any hard skin and corns or calluses are removed, feet are then buffed to give a silky smooth finish.

Your Beauty Therapist will return and apply a relaxing paraffin wax. Your cuticles are moisturised with a cuticle balm, followed by a soothing foot and calf massage, improving your circulation and restoring your joint’s mobility.

Your treatment is finished with your colour choice of Dr.’s Remedy nail lacquer.

We use Australian made products from Skin Juice; a natural, organic nutraceutical range and PerfectSense Paraffin single-use slippers. Our enriched nail varnish is Dr.’s Remedy – a luxe nail varnish created by Podiatrists with organic, naturally healing ingredients.

Our ‘Signature Podi Pedi’ is a 1hr15minute treatment | partially claimable on HICAPs, if applicable

We also offer a ‘mini Podi Pedi’, a 30minute treatment | claimable on HICAPs, if applicable.

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