Little Feet

Sometimes little ones have funny feet and toes, and in most cases this is normal. At SoHi Podiatry we are always happy to take a look and have a chat, even if it’s just for peace of mind. Some common issues experienced by our youngest patients include: 

At SoHi we advise parents and their children on foot health for injury prevention, physical activity and self-esteem, aiming for a well-rounded treatment program. We are conservative when it comes to treating the growing foot – footwear advice, reassurance and postural exercises are often all that’s required.

Following computerised gait analysis and static stance testing to determine the extent of the problem, occasionally specialised orthotics or other forms of treatment are indicated. To help in the ongoing care of the growing foot, our online patient record system allows us to track developmental milestones for future reference.

Fun facts on little feet:

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