KeryFlex Nail Restoration

Do you have an oddly shaped toenail due to an injury or previous nail surgery?

Do you have ridges or discolouration on your toenail?

Keryflex Nail Restoration can help.

KeryFlex is a cosmetic solution for unsightly toenails. 

The Keryflex Nail Restoration system results in a natural looking nail. It can be applied only by a trained Podiatrist, providing a consistently safe, sterile environment. It is immediate and provides a significant change in appearance in only a matter of minutes. The KeryFlex toenail is light, flexible and natural.

Keryflex uses layers of a polymer resin, a sealant and UV light to create a durable, yet flexible artificial nail. The resulting nail can be left natural like a real-looking nail or  it can be painted with nail varnish (varnish remover will not affect it).

The benefits of Keryflex are many! 

Most importantly you can be assured with confidence that your new nail has been applied in a sterile environment with no concerns of cross contamination leading to infection

The KeryFlex Nail Restoration Kit consists of three components:

  1. KeryFlex Bonding Agent which helps the adhesion of the KeryFlex Resin to the natural nail.
  2. KeryFlex Resin  this is a lightweight, medical-grade gel used to build up the nail, allowing your Podiatrist to sculpt and contour your new nail
  3. KeryFlex Sealant. This is a UV curing topcoat to seal the KeryFlex nail so that it non-porous and non-permeable so that moisture won’t penetrate your nail and your prosthetic nail 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What happens during my KeryFlex appointment?

A: Once you and your Podiatrist have decided that KeryFlex is the right treatment for you your nail(s) is/are trimmed and filed ready for the KeryFlex bonding agent.

Once the nail is prepared, the process of restoring the appearance of your nail begins by applying the KeryFlex resin. This is cured by an ultraviolet light. The nail is then moulded, shaped, filed smoothed. Finally, the KeryFlex sealant is then applied and cured with the ultra violet light once more. At SoHi Podiatry we allow 45minutes per consultation for KeryFlex Nail Restoration 


Q: How long will each application last?

A: The KeryFlex nail may remain in place for up to 3 months, however we recommend review consults at 4-6 weekly intervals to monitor natural nail growth.


Q: How many applications will I get from my KeryFlex Kit?

A: Your KeryFlex kit contains 3 bottles; a bond, the resin and a sealant. Each kit can treat up to 10 nails per kit, so if you are applying it to 1 nail this may be 10 applications for example (this is dependent on the size of the nail and the area to be treated)


Q: Can I claim my KeryFlex treatment on my Private Health Fund?

A: If you have extras cover for Podiatry you will be able to claim your appointment charge. You will not get a rebate for the Keryflex kit which is a one-off payment on your 1st appointment.


Q: May I also have a PodiPedi or Signature PodiPedi when I have my Keryflex done?

A: Yes, of course you may. When booking online select the “mini-PodiPedi add-on” option, if you’d like to have a Signature PodiPedi and KeryFlex please book your Signature PodiPedi treatment and leave a note for our Podiatrist when you book. Or feel free to call our lovely reception staff so they can assist you.


Q: Why would I choose KeryFlex over Acrylic artificial nails?

A: The number one reason?…… It can be applied only by a trained Podiatrist, providing a consistently safe, sterile environment.  Acrylic nails have harmful chemicals in them that can damage your natural nail and nail bed, the glue used for the acrylic nails can in fact rip off your natural nail, which is both painful and unpleasant! KeryFlex bond will not pull your natural nail off, or damage the nail or bed plus it is more comfortable and thinner than a conventional nail.


Q: If I have lost my natural nail, can KeryFlex still be applied?

A: For KeryFlex to be most effective there needs to be some nail present, even if it is only tiny. Providing there is no open wound present after your injury then treatment can proceed. The tiny nail acts as an anchor to help the KeryFlex nail keep in place. That said, the KeryFlex bond can be applied to a clear nail bed, so even if you nail has been completely removed KeryFlex may still work for you.


Q: Is KeryFlex a cure for Fungal Toenails?

A: No, KeryFlex is a cosmetic procedure to help with fungal nail management 


Q: What are the adverse effects or side effects of using KeryFlex?

A: The manufacturer of KeryFlex. Wilde GmBH has not reported any adverse effects when used according to manufacturers guidelines 


If you would like more information about KeryFlex please feel free to email us [email protected]  or follow the link to the KeryFlex website: 

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